The entry point to your cloud journey – 5 simple steps to understanding the cloud better

The entry point to your cloud journey – 5 simple steps to understanding the cloud better

Some months ago, together with Tomasz Pęczek, I started a series of articles where we described some concepts that are worth knowing if you want to deal with the cloud. The cloud environment offers you thousands of possible ways to create applications that help you achieve your business goals. This is great, but “thousands of possible ways” can be a headache on its own. Going through these 5 articles you will get to know the terms and IT jargon of the cloud. You will benefit from a better understanding and the ability to discuss it.

Cloud Architecture Models

Understanding which cloud models you can choose from gives you good insights into what the cloud can offer you. It’s a good warmup before you jump into details in each model.

What Is PaaS In Cloud Computing?

After reading the first article, you may have the question: “ok, so which model is right for me?” This article gives you a better understanding of what the Platform as a Service model is. Tomasz explains to you how PaaS can be used to provide benefits at different stages of your cloud journey.

How to deal with PaaS services?

This is the continuation of the previous article that gives examples and tips on how and when to use this cloud model.

Containerized applications

This is a great article about how to deal with containers in the cloud. Why containers are important for cloud solutions? How deeply do you need to understand Kubernetes to build Kubernetes-based containerized apps? You can find the answers in this article.

Cloud Architecture For Beginners

You already have an idea of what the cloud can offer you, but you are wondering how to approach your decisions rationally. This is a ready-to-use method that can help you choose the best architecture for your system.


I hope terms and IT jargon of the cloud is clearer, and now you can face cloud challenges with more confidence. What was your experience with the cloud system? What type of cloud challenges did you face? Would you like to read any particular topic about the cloud? Please discuss it in your comments.